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The Babysitter movie review: The essence of Home Alone mixed with glamourised slasher genre-elements

The Babysitter takes the essence of Home Alone and mixes it with glamourised slasher genre-elements. Its arrival at the doorstep of horror-comedy, featuring young adults, seems like an afterthought. One…

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The Snowman review – Michael Fassbender plays it cool, but not what you expect

Not what you’re thinking! Not your usual snowman! Of course it is a letdown to discover that Michael Fassbender is not actually playing the lead in Raymond Briggs’s The Snowman…

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#MovieReview Blade Runner 2049 is one of the best sequels ever made

Blade Runner 2049 is a film about a bleak vision of the future, its pessimism, and its cool, path-breaking aesthetic. The film was directed by Denis Villeneuve and boasts of…

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‘The Silver Spoon’: The Review

Written by Zizi Onianwah Genre:Drama/thriller Rating:  3 stars. Setting:  Place: Lagos, Nigeria Time: Present Days Duration: 120 Mins. The Silver Spoon is story  of a bright hardworking and serious minded…

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‘Tatu’ – The Review

By Zizi “Tatu” is an adaptation of a 2004 book by Abraham Nwakwo, written by Jude Idada. It’s is an epic adventure film about‘’Tatuma’’ a child of destiny born to…

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This Weekend In Lagos, A Nigerian Comic Con With A Difference

Come Saturday, on the 16th of September in Lagos, Nigeria, fans will throng the annual Lagos Comic-Con. About 5,000 attendees expected from around the world. And to think the first…

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Apostle Do Good: The Review

By Zizi Apostle Do Good a new TV series from the stable of UK Nollywood film producer and director Toyin Moore and Jader Group premiere in London Cinema on September…

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Nollywood in the eyes of a critic

By Zizi Onianwah Have you ever gone to see a Nigerian film in the  cinema based on a film critic’s opinion or based on what  someone recommended to you and…

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Idahosa Trails: The Review By Zizi Onianwah

‘Idahosa Trails’ a film by Stanlee Ohikhuare guarantees to be packed with agog, drama, mild action and spirituality. The purpose of the film is to bring faith to the big…

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Children of Mud: The Review

Children of Mud is Imoh Umoren’s 4th Feature film. It is a story about street kids who are thrown out by their Families. Specifically it centers on Emem and her…

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