Impunity rides again

By Wole Soyinka It is happening all over again. History is repeating itself and, alas, within such an agonizingly short span of time. How often must we warn against the…

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Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs) built across the country are meant to take care of patients and refer complicated ailments to secondary and tertiary medical centres. In this report Olugbenga Adanikin…

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Dear Rochas, When Will You See Your Doctor? By Churchill Okonkwo

Nwannem nwoko Rochas, you have been flirting with madness, and it is no longer news that a couple of nuts have gone missing in your head. The news is that…

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Deadly errands: Inside Borno community where Boko Haram recruits child bombers

During a visit to Muna Garage, a Borno State settlement that has experienced multiple attacks by suicide bombers, OLALEYE ALUKO writes on how Boko Haram terrorists infiltrate the community to…

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‘Every app is a dating app’: technology blamed for spike in HIV rates in Pakistan

While technology may have strengthened the fight against HIV and Aids in many countries, in Pakistan it has led to an increase in HIV infection among young people, health experts and activists…

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Church of Sweden to stop referring to God as ‘he’ or ‘Lord’

The Church of Sweden is urging its clergy to use gender-neutral language when referring to the supreme deity, refraining from using terms such as “Lord” and “he” in favour of the less…

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SPIRITUALITY: War within our Members (Series on the book of James cont’d.)

James 3: 14 – 18, 4:1 The only creatures on planet Earth carrying two kinds of nature are the Believers. There is what we call the Old Sin Nature or…

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Saudi Arabia and Iran are jostling for control over the Middle East – and it could turn into all-out war

By Paddy Ashdown There used to saying in the Middle East: “If a dog barks in the Middle East, British intelligence is behind it”. Replace the word “British” with “American”,…

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EFCC and the case of the ‘crazy’ informant

Thursday with Abimbola Adelakun, aadelakun@punchng.com You knew something had to be amiss when the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission chairman, Ibrahim Magu, was quoted as saying although the whistle-blower who…

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Joy God Has Promised Us – Pastor Aderemilekun (Audio)

http://www.metronewsng.online/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/thanksgivn-sunday-Nov-2017.mp3 Read More

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