Kim Kardashian’s dazzling look for John Legend’s birthday party with husband Kanye

She celebrated John Legend’s birthday with a VIP crowd Saturday night. And it looked like Kim Kardashian had a busy evening, as she was seen in San Francisco with husband…

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Student becomes model after homecoming pictures go viral

A 19-year-old student is set to become a model after pictures of her went viral. Anok Yai is a sophomore at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire and she was…

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Kenyan fashion designers respond to not being “African enough”

In Not African Enough, a collection of photography and essays on Kenyan fashion, one designer bemoans what she calls the “vicious cycle of wax print.” The bright, intricately patterned fabrics…

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Tattoo: These happen when you get inked by an illiterate

You’d think that even when a customer fails to spellcheck their design, their tattoo artists would. But apparently not always, as these hilarious body art fails shared online show. From…

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Two feminists on what it was like to work at Hef’s Playboy

Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner died at age 91 this week. CNN’s Breaking News Director Amanda Wills has a conversation with Town & Country Senior Digital Editor Lindsay Silberman about their…

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Digitally-altered images will require an ‘edited’ note as France bans photoshopping

The fact that the photographs we see of models in magazines and on billboards are usually digitally-enhanced is a societal norm we have come to accept. However, in France, this…

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