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What causes kidney stones?

They are known to be extremely painful to deal with, but few people actually know what kidney stones are. Kidney stones are so excruciating in fact that they are among…

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Here’s Why Wearing Wrong Bra Size Is Unhealthy

By Beprobe It may sound funny, but you may be wearing wrong bra sizes despite many years of being an adult. I used to be guilty too. A research has…

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You don’t need butt implant, but love

By Beprobe It’s no surprise that butt enhancement surgeries are one of the trendiest cosmetic procedures of the moment. Every year, a growing number of women are going under the…

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Tobacco Experts Encourage Anti-Vaping Crusaders To Ditch Ideology For ‘Science-Based Debate’

Harm reduction experts encouraged by the American Cancer Society’s evolving position on electronic cigarettes are calling on others to ditch their anti-vaping rhetoric in favor of “science-based debate.” Health groups…

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E-cigarettes ‘help more smokers quit’

The rise in popularity of e-cigarettes in the UK may have resulted in more successful attempts to quit smoking, according to UK researchers. The British Medical Journal work looked at…

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The Best Tooth Brushing Method You Were Never Taught

Scrubbing back-and-forth or in circles probably aren’t the best ways to brush—but those are the most popular methods taught to kids and endorsed by toothpaste companies. Dentists, on the other…

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New Orleans Chef, Tunde Wey, Charged White Customers $30, Minorities $12 in Social Experiment

A chef in New Orleans is conducting a social experiment at the Roux Carre market which encourages customers of different races to acknowledge the city’s racial wealth disparity. Diners hoping…

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What Parents Need to Know About Juuling

One of the biggest topics right now in high school parent newsletters everywhere is the Juul. It’s a popular e-cigarette system that looks a lot like a USB flash drive—you…

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Parents discover their baby is alive after receiving £3,000 bill from orphanage

A mother and father have discovered that their baby is alive after believing that it had died seven years ago. The parents, from Volgograd, Russia, were told that their child…

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Can eating a £1 Gummy Bear made from CANNABIS oil really boost your health?

Earlier this month, Dee Mani, a mother of two from Birmingham, claimed she’d cured her aggressive breast cancer by taking a drop of cannabis oil a day. Dee had refused…

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