Google’s various payment services streamlined into one platform to compete with Apple and Samsung

Google is looking to go head-to-head with Apple and Samsung by simplifying and streamlining all its payment services into one united platform. Until now, Google users have interacted with several…

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My Goal For 2018 Is To ‘Fix’ Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg

World’s most used social media platform, Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg is known to give himself, every year, a personal challenge, like… running one mile a day, reading a book every…

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Apple confirms all of its Mac and iOS devices are affected by two major chip flaws that can leave them vulnerable to hackers

Apple has confirmed that all of its Mac and iOS devices are affected by two major chip flaws called Spectre and Meltdown that leaves nearly every modern computing device vulnerable…

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UK Warns Government Agencies Not To Use Kaspersky Software

Britain’s cybersecurity agency has told government departments not to use antivirus software from Moscow-based firm Kaspersky Lab amid concerns about Russian snooping. Ciaran Martin, head of the National Cyber Security…

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Don’t use antivirus firms linked to Russia, cyber security chief tells Whitehall

Government departments have been warned against using antivirus software made by technology firms with links to Russia amid concerns over national security. Ciaran Martin, head of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC),…

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Whatsapp: New Feature Lets You Force Everyone In Your Group Chat To Stop Talking And Only Read Your Messages

WhatsApp’s new Restricted Groups feature lets you force everyone else in your group to stop chatting.   If you’re the group admin, you – and only you, if you’re the only…

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Google admits spying on Android users’ locations

Google has admitted collecting Android users’ locations even when devices are disabled, a Quartz investigation reported on Thursday. “It seems quite intrusive for Google to be collecting such information that…

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Nigeria to host Facebook’s first community hub space in Africa

Facebook announced a new nationwide initiative in Nigeria to further cement its commitment and investment in the country, and across the continent. Incorporating a series of high profile partnerships, training programmes and a…

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YouTube ban man with eight million subscribers over disturbing videos of his daughters

A father has been kicked off YouTube over videos that featured his young daughters screaming, crying and pretending to throw up and urinate. Greg Chism, of Toy Freaks, had more than eight…

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New Study Suggests That Man May Not Originate From Africa After All

While it’s commonly thought that hominins—a tribe that eventually led to modern humans—originate from Africa, a new study is casting doubt on the theory. A group of researchers recently published…

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