A Review of “The Upside”

Title: The Upside
Genre: Comedy and Drama
Year of Production: 2017
Producers: Jason Blumenthal, Steve Tisch, Todd Black
Director: Neil Burger
Starring: Kelvin Hart, Bryan Cranston, Nicole Kidman, Juliana Marguiles, Aja Naomi King, Golshifteh farahani

The Upside, a story of two men from two different parts of the world; Dell (Kelvin Hart) was an ex-convict notoriously known for being irresponsible and a thief, shares a son with his ex (Aja Naomi King) who wouldn’t let him have access with their son simply because of his irresponsibility. His quest for a positive change and how to become a good dad made him job hunt and eventually meet Philip.

Philip (Bryan Cranston), an extremely wealthy and powerful quadriplegia needed a personal assistant who would take care of him. Auditions were made, and the poorly performed Dell surprisingly got a call from Philip’s Lawyer, Yvonne (Nicole Kidman) to resume his duty as a personal assistant to Philip.

The settings of the movie scenes, the costumes and the diction of all the actors were excellent and incredible. Each Scene was really comic and dramatic.

Dell, being a comic and sarcastic person, was able to make Philip feel happy, human and ignite his love life. Philip really liked Dell, their bond grew stronger that he was able to influence Dell who clearly had no visions about his life and assist him financially. They found themselves in a situation that Philip fired Dell. As time went by, they both concentrated on their different lives and Philip became a better dad. No other assistant Philip got made him feel how Dell would. Oh what a bond they shared and how close they have become! Can Philip continue like this?


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