Congo-Brazaville President Daughter, Claudia Sassou’s Sex Tape Leaked by Her Boyfriend (18+ WATCH)

The daughter to Congo-Brazaville’s President, Claudia Sassou is in the news again.

Recently, Claudia Sassou and her husband were charged with corruption after purchasing a house in Paris worth a wooping $3.4m (£2.7m) in an upmarket area in Paris. The police want to know where that money came from.
The investigation is part of a probe by French police into how members of the families of three African presidents – Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea – have spent their money in France.

Neither Ms Sassour nor her partner have commented on the investigation, but her lawyer is quoted by RFI as saying that he will try to overturn any indictment.

However, Ms Sassour lives a double life as her adulterous lifestyle is exposed!. Her $ex video surface few days after her money laundering scandal was exposed.

Ms Sassour boyfriend asked her for $50,000 dollars which she refused giving bluntly and he resorted to blackmailing her by posting their $ex video online which shows the president’s daughter ‘unclad’ but her lover’s face hidden. It was a well planned video by the lover boy.

No comment as been made either on the $ex tape. More as the event unfolds.

Watch the video below.


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