I can’t do nudes for any amount – Prisca Richards

TheOlojaBlog Spotlight entered its sixth week with special focus on Rev. Dr. Prisca Richards, who is a paragon of what a harworking personality is.

Richards is an actor, writer, producer and a proof-reader. The award winning executive producer is also a pastor, singer and the CEO of Prisca’s World of Entertainment Productions.


What inspired your acting career?

I was born into the family of actors. My parents were pastors and stage actors. I got my inspiration from God and my parents.

Were you an actor before you came into the UK?

Yes I was an Actor before I came into UK.

As a UK based actor, how as the journey so far been?

Nothing comes easy on this other side of the world but God has been my strength

Can we say the busy UK Nollywood industry could be credited to Nigeria based Nollywood actors and celebrity running a intercontinental shows?

For the booming Nollywood industry, I would rather say it has been a collective effort from both the Nigerian based and UK based actors. We are one and we stand to remain one. So the credit is for all of us.

What has been your greatest accomplishment as an actor?

The ability to touch lives of the people around me and worldwide is my greatest accomplishment.

How would you term the relationship between UK based and Nigeria based actors?

The relationship between the Nigeria based actors/ UK based actors, well in my view I would say we are gradually bonding.

Have you ever worked with a demanding director before? How did you successfully interact with such person?

Oh yeah! I have always worked with tough and demanding directors. I never had issues; I am able to interact well. Read your scripts, master your role and know your character and be set mannered, then you can never have issues with such directors.

What is your most challenging role yet?

My most challenging role was the role I played as Erica in “MY MOTHER’S DAUGHTER”. I was just a little girl of 12 and I had to go through the stress of nursing my little sister of one day old all by myself. I had no father and my mother lost her sanity the moment she was delivered of my sister. No family members to care for us and I have to look after my mother while also ensuring my sister is taken care of.

What are the challenges still existing in the UK Nollywood industry?

Funds and getting sponsors are the major challenges we face.

Is the industry recognised by the Nigerian government?

Well as conversant with the news as I am, I’m yet to read or heard from any source that Nigerian government is offering sponsorship to Nollywood.

So far, how would you grade your progress in the industry?

I am cool with my progress in Nollywood but not satisfied and fulfilled yet. Every progress boils down to grace and money. I am praying to God for both so I can progress more than I have been.

What project are you working on currently?

I am working on my movie titled “SILENT JOURNEY “, whose story was written by me. I have just concluded filming and it’s been screened. I am getting set for the Premier. I will inform you of when.

What is your biggest aspiration?

It is to be able to stand as the executive producer for movies shot in the UK/Nigeria. I want to be a sponsor. It pains me to see young producers suffer.

Do you think a Nollywood film can get an Oscar Nomination and go on to win it?

Yeah! I sincerely think a Nollywood film can get an Oscar Nomination and go on to win it. All we need is good script, good money, good locations and good Actors. Yes we can.

Have you ever acted on stage?

Oh yes! I have been acting on stage since I was 4 years and I am still in it. I have won awards. I am currently one of the leaders of the Gospel Drama Ministers Association, UK branch ( UKCDMA). In collaboration with Mount Zion Faith Ministry by Evang. Mike Bamiloye, we do more of stage plays. I am also a stage director.

The difference between stage acting and film or screen acting is the location of the audience because of the close-up perspective. Actors on film use more controlled, natural and subtle expressions and gestures.

Secondly, the difference between stage and TV/film is the iconic nature of the characters and their celebrated performance.

Finally, the familiarity of the materials used. For instance, the theatre is by nature repetitive and it is therefore familiar. Films are different because audience may not have seen the writing. It is therefore fresh and largely written on the fly.

If you are giving £1Million today what will you do with it?

Oh Jesus! If I am given £1Million today, I bet you, the first thing that comes into my mind is to build a film school, where every child who has a passion for acting can attend and be well trained. In addition to that I will sponsor film projects.

Can you do nude roles for whatever amount?

I can’t accept a role that requires me to be nude. No thanks!

Do you think there should be more collaboration between Nollywood Nigeria and UK?

Yes! There should be more collaboration between Nollywood Nigeria and UK. It will make us better and stronger

What else do we need to know about you that is not yet covered in the questions above?

I am a mum of 4 beautiful children.


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