Tattoo: These happen when you get inked by an illiterate

You’d think that even when a customer fails to spellcheck their design, their tattoo artists would.

But apparently not always, as these hilarious body art fails shared online show.

From awkward spelling blunders to grammar mishaps and dodgy doodles, these photographs will have you in stitches.

Quite how they ever came about remains a mystery, but it’s safe say that some of them will have triggered some serious regret.

We’re guessing a woman was supposed to get “patience” inked on her wrist inside of the more medical-sounding “patients”.

Meanwhile, a girl was left red-faced after discovering her Chinese symbol tatt translates to “picnic table”.

A heartfelt tribute tatt went horribly wrong after a body art lover mixed up her dates.

And, a rogue apostrophe ruined one body confident woman’s “you’re beautiful” design.

A couple’s puzzling jigsaw design has amused social media users, while one guy may have been drunk when he had his incorrect “rum” inking.

Nicking ideas straight off the web without checking they’re accurate seem to have caused many of these ink blunders.

One woman copied Tina Turner song lyrics, while another nabbed a religious quote without checking for errors.

Other inkings that have left the internet in fits of giggles include one woman’s bizarre tree stump design.

And, an Alice In Wonderland-inspired image that featured tons of mistakes.

Laugh-out-loud fails include the woman who accidentally had “intelligent” spelt incorrectly on her back.

And, a guy’s cringe back tatt read, “I’m Awsome”.


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