Scots actress Karen Gillan shoots down ‘schoolgirl turned sex symbol’ criticism aimed at new Jumanji movie

ACTRESS Karen Gillan shot down criticism of her new role as a schoolgirl turned sex symbol.

She plays a youngster who’s sucked into a video game and transformed into a scantily clad adult adventurer in Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle.

And the ex-Doctor Who star, 30, laughed off suggestions that her “child size” outfit of crop top, bare midriff and shorts was in bad taste for a flick aimed at kids.

She said: “When I first read the script it was described as a ‘Lara Croft-type 90s character’.

“It was a male fantasy and that is exactly what we were making fun of.

“So I think the costume was perfect. And then to have this girl inhabiting it who didn’t want to be there was great to play.”

Karen stars as Ruby Roundhouse with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Jack Black in the movie, which is out this month.

We told in October how the flame-haired actress looked stunning as she posed for a Jumanji-themed photoshoot ahead of the film’s release.

And she slipped into some slinky black lingerie for a sultry chaise longue shoot last month.


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