Victims’ Father Tries to Attack Larry Nassar at Sentencing Hearing

The father of three daughters who were sexually abused by Larry Nassar tried to attack the former USA Gymnastics doctor at his third and final sentencing hearing in a Michigan court on Friday after a judge refused his request to be put into a locked room with him.

Last week, at an earlier hearing, Nassar was sentenced to up to 175 years in prison after pleading guilty to molesting young women, including Olympic gymnasts, under the guise of medical treatment. Friday’s hearing focuses on his activity at an elite Michigan gymnastics club.

Randall Margraves’ daughters Lauren and Madison were among almost 30 women who gave victim statements in the case. After the sister finished speaking, their father stood by them and his wife and requested to speak.

“I would ask you to, as part of the sentencing, to grant me five minutes in a locked room with this demon,” he asked Judge Janice Cunningham on Friday at the podium, as seen in video posted by NBC News and other outlets. “Would you do that?”

“I-I, that is not-” she began.

“Yes or no?” he asked.

“No, sir, I can’t,” she said.

“Would you give me one minute?” he asked.

“You know that I can’t do that,” she said. “That’s not how the legal system-”

He then lunged at Nassar, who sat wearing an orange prison jumpsuit, drawing gasps and screams.


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