Declare Your Assets too like Seyi Makinde Before Dipping Hands Into LG Funds

Suspended Chairmen Tells Gov. Dapo Abiodun

Suspended Chairmen of Local Government Council and Local Council Development Areas (LCDA) in Ogun State have blasted the State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun, accusing him of plans to “micromanage” the affairs and funds of the LGs in the state.

The chairmen called on the state Governor to rise up to the latest challenge on transparency and accountable governance thrown up by the Governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde who had declared his assets publicly.

“Ogun State is known for probity, it is a progressive state, and for any leader who wants to be identified with late Chief Obafemi Awolowo must be ready to come to equity with clean hands. We think our Governor too should lead by example so that the confidence of our people in him will not go down”. One of the LG chairman offered.

He further advised that the Ogun State Governor should demonstrate capacity in leadership instead of looking for how to corner LG funds and doing everything to take control over them.

In a related documents purportedly issued by one N. Obami, the lawyers to the suspended LG Chairmen, they claimed that “all LG & LCDA Bank accounts by a memo dated 30th May, 2019, originating from the office of the Permanent Secretary for local Government Commission acting on the directive of the Ogun State Governor, His Excellency, Prince (Dr) Dapo Abiodun MFR, all LG and LCDA accounts were frozen.”

They are however surprised that notwithstanding the embargo placed on all these accounts, “the accounts (of the LGs) as at date are currently been operated at the LG & LCDA by designated career officers” whom they accused of working “on the directive of the governor without following due diligence and process.”

According to the document, “the Chairmen are supposed to sign off on SCHEDULES (confirmation documents) before cheques of LG/LCDA can be presented and honored by the Banks.” But “Effective 31st of May, 2019 none of the Chairmen have signed any schedules and yet withdrawals have been made from the LG & LCDA accounts. This is clear fraud”. The chairmen maintained.

They further accused Prince Dapo Abiodun of direct support for what they call their illegal suspension because of his plans “to micromanage the LG & LCDAs from his office” which they said he he has been doing since he was sworn in. They however claimed they have sufficient documents to confirm their allegation.

The chairmen claimed they believe their suspension was just part of a grand plot by the new governor to witch hunt the political office holders who didn’t support his ambition at the last gubernatorial election as their offices have actually been “taken over by political thugs loyal to the Government of H.E Prince (Dr.) Dapo Abiodun.”

Speaking on the sideline of the petition, another of the affected councilors who was so bitter said “we know the Governor is broke before the election, we are also aware that he is owing AMCON over N11 billion and he will be worried to pay back that debt now that he is a governor, but he should not run into that temptation to think he can take from the LG funds at this time, it is dangerous for him and Ogun State with the new law and NFIU”.


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