Jollof Festival To Hit Lagos As Corporate Bodies Pick Up Spoons

Calling on all foodie, whatever you know about ‘’Jollof ‘’ is about to change has August 22th of every year has been recognized has  world ‘’JOLLOF RICE’’ day . Whether we are arguing with the Ghanaians and Senegalese about who does it better, whether we are in dispute with Jamie Oliver’s version, there is one thing we can collectively agree that ‘’Jollof Rice’’ is of paramount for any and every occasion!

In other to reaffirm the importance of ’’ Jollof rice’’ to everyone who appreciates the delicious smoky flavorsome meal, EAT DRINK LAGOS, Kitchen Butterfly, Maggi Nigeria and Guinness have put together a special event ‘’JOLLOF FESTIVAL” to celebrate World ‘’Jollof Rice’’ Day. So this event is holding Sunday August 20, 2017 at the Jaekel house at the Nigerian rail corporation compound in Ebute metta Lagos.

‘’JOLLOF RICE’’ a meal that everyone one loves but no one agrees on; has become a subject of great debate in West Africa. Every country has its own version, and abhors “inauthentic” variations. In Ghana, it is eaten on its own or with fried, ripe plantains. The addition of green, leafy plants is much frowned upon there. Nigerians purport to have the most authentic recipe and sigh wearily at preposterous notions such as adding garlic, bell pepper, carrots, green beans or cabbage. Likewise, a stunned silence would greet anyone adding seafood to jollof rice in my home country, Liberia – which is, ironically, on the coast. Meanwhile, our French-speaking neighbors in Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal and Mali would see the use of okra or nuts as heresy.


According to Jamie Oliver ‘’ Jollof rice is more of a concept than a recipe, because it’s found in various guises all over West Africa. Its other name is Benachin, which means “one pot” in the language of the Wolof people who invented it – evidently throwing lots of lovely food in a pan and letting the heat do its thing has always been a popular cheat’’.


 Fact about ‘’Jollof Rice’’ are

  • The main ingredients of Jollof rice are rice and tomatoes; neither has any saturated fat or cholesterol. Jollof rice contains carbohydrates, primarily from the rice. Since Jollof rice is served with chicken, beef, eggs and/or turkey, the dish is fairly high in protein.
  • Jollof is a celebration dish. You eat it at parties, naming ceremonies, weddings, funerals — you name it, you will see the familiar and comforting pot of steaming jollof rice.
  • Jollof Rice has a birthday and it’s August 22nd
  • The first Jollof Rice birthday was celebrated in 2015
  • The first Jollof Rice exhibition took place in 2015


     Everyone has their own versions of the yummy ‘’Jollof Rice”;  Jollof Rice is superb! My parents are Nigerian. I grew up eating this Nigerian ‘’jollof rice” but I have eaten different types at several parties, whether the host is West African or East African. One thing is certain ‘’JOLLOF RICE IS BAE ‘’ .Different   African countries have its own versions; however this is please do Enjoy it! I personally enjoy mine with plantain (dodo) with vegetable at the side and turkey.



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