JUST IN: Again, Reps adjourn plenary over faulty microphone

For the third time in two weeks, the House of Representatives adjourned its plenary over defective microphone system.

This adjournment is coming twenty four hours after the House adjourned to Wednesday for the same reason.

We reported Tuesday’s adjournment which prevented the lawmakers from discussion crucial national issues.

The House had less than two weeks ago also adjourned its plenary over the same problem.

Explaining the need for adjournment, Speaker of the House, Yakubu Dogara, said the problem has not been fixed because it can only be done by the manufacturers.

“Unfortunately up till now we have been unable to fix the problem because we are not masters of this technology here.

“I have been told that the microphones on the rows on my right are not working. Only rows seven to 11 are working. Rows one to six are not functioning.

“The system was fixed in 1999 and this technology has a lock and anything that happens to it, we have to reach out to the manufacturers.”

He said the House is not ashamed to be criticized because they are the house of the people.

He however said the House will take items on the order that do not require debate before it adjourns to next week.


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