Ramadan: 5 Lovely Pocket Friendly Locations To Enjoy The Season

This is a month significant to the Muslims — that holy month of Ramadan. The holy month of Ramadan is a month of fasting as well as the reflection of spiritual things.

In this article, we have handpicked five elegant locations where you can travel with https://www.travelstart.com.ng and you can spend according to your budget.

Still there, let’s further disclose the 5 places to travel during Ramadan on a budget.

United Arab Emirates

With as low as N198,599, including your visa, you can successfully touch down Dubai from Lagos. You will take off at Muritala Muhammad Airport. The United Arab Emirates, without doubt, is a nation of the Arabian peninsula.

It’s a country popularly known for the display of luxuries; they are also known for their good practice of religion. So, among other destinations, try the United Arab Emirates, and you wouldn’t regret your trip.

The United Arab Emirates has some famous mosques. These mosques are the ones you can visit, too:

Grand Mosque at 27th St. (Near Ruler’s Ct.)
Iranian Mosque at Ali Bin Abi Taleb Street
Sheikh Zayed Mosque at Abu Dhabi

Saudi Arabia

Are you in search of a country that practices Islam? Then, go for Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a country known to be the center of Islam — a country where the practice of Islam is at its peak.

With the sum of N469,800, you can touch down Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from Lagos. Muritala Muhammad Airport got you covered. For site seeing, you can try climbing the skyscraper Kingdom center found in Riyadh, the capital of the nation.

Also, in Riyadh, there’s a large museum — actually the national museum — where the history of many years ago are reserved and displayed using the latest technology.


The Northeast part of Africa is where you can find Egypt. Egypt is another country that practices Islam to the core. For the Ramadan, choose Egypt — it’s one of the perfect places to visit.

With as low as N171,970 you can arrive in Cairo from Lagos. Most flights take off from Lagos. A few of the beautiful places you can visit in Egypt are the Red Sea coast, pyramids at Giza, Siwa Oasis, etc.


Morocco can be located in Africa, the northern part of Africa. Most of the people who dwell in Morocco are Muslims. One won’t be wrong if one says that Morocco is an Islamic country.

There is an action that comes from the mosques present in any village — it is the five-daily calls to prayers. With the price N200,000+, you can arrive in Morocco from Lagos.

Beautiful places in Morocco include:



Here’s another beautiful country to visit for the Ramadan holiday. Turkey is, among others, a country that is populated with Muslims.

Have you heard or seen the Blue Mosque? It’s colorful. Walking along the Bosphorus is incredible because you could easily visit a restaurant to eat from their delicious delicacies.

Happy Ramadan.


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