World Clean-up Day: RecycleGarb organises clean-up in Ibadan, preaches recycling

As the World Clean-up Day was celebrated on September 15, all over the world, the RecycleGarb team took to the streets of Ibadan, Oyo State, on a clean-up exercise.

The RecycleGarb team arrived at Iwo Road, Ibadan at about 8am for a three-hour sanitation exercise.

RecycleGarb Hub Ltd, a social enterprise, divided its team into groups of 25 dedicated volunteers, and with support from the Oyo State Waste Management Authority (OYOWMA) they cleaned out waste from inside drainages and on the roads.

According to the Founder/CEO of RecycleGarb Hub Ltd, Adebola Sobanjo, “A common trend we have noticed over time is a behavioural culture of disposing waste on roads and inside drainages which has clogged them and made it difficult for easy flow of water.

“With the help of dedicated team, we were able to unclog these drainages and sensitise residents and traders to shun such habits among themselves, and from passers-by.”

She said the aim was not just to clean, but also give an understanding of the health and environmental hazards of indiscriminate waste disposal and the need to embrace sustainability as a way of life.

Sobanjo said the exercise will continue in other strategic parts of the city to “pass the understanding of waste recycling instead of inappropriate waste disposal.”

She added that “the cleanup wasn’t necessarily for the World Cleanup day. We had chosen 15th before we knew its World Cleanup Day.”

RecycleGarbCleanup is a continuation of its Ibadan Goes Green initiative. “We want to teach and persuade the public about proper waste disposal and of course with the help of the government, enforce corresponding policies.”

The RecycleGarb team was supported by ReesAfrica, Yali Network Ibadan, and Girl Hub Africa.


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