Melania Trump says she may be the world’s ‘most bullied’ person

When asked in an interview why she chose cyber bullying as a pet cause, US President Donald Trump’s wife had a surprising answer. “I could say I’m the most bullied…

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Trump calls on Sessions to investigate anonymous author of ‘resistance’ op-ed

President Donald Trump said Friday he wanted Attorney General Jeff Sessions to launch an investigation into who authored the explosive anonymous opinion article published in The New York Times earlier…

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Boris Johnson proposes Trump-style tax cuts to boost UK economy

Boris Johnson has suggested the UK employ Donald Trump-style tax cuts in a bid to catch up with the economic growth being enjoyed in the US. The former foreign secretary…

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US Senator Suggests Using Constitution To Remove Trump

US Senator Elizabeth Warren said on Thursday that it is time to invoke a constitutional amendment to remove President Donald Trump if top officials believe he can no longer fulfil…

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I would never sit across from Trump, LeBron James says

NBA player LeBron James told CNN’s Don Lemon Monday that athletics were once something that brought people together. Today, however, he said that the president is using it to divide…

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Trump And Kim Eager To Declare Success In Singapore ‘No Matter What Happens’

Veteran diplomats say it could take years to assess the results of this week’s nuclear summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Trump doesn’t expect to…

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Trump ‘repeatedly tears up official documents’ that should be preserved, leaving staff to tape them back together

White House staff have reportedly been tasked with taping official documents back together due to Donald Trump’s habit of ripping up papers he is legally required to keep. Former aides,…

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Trump starts the morning by admitting obstruction and threatening the Inspector General

Now that Donald Trump has made it clear he is beyond the rule of law and answerable to no one, he’s not hiding the fact that he would have stopped…

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Trump Wants to Push German Cars Out of U.S. Market

President Trump has threatened to push luxury German car brands such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz out of the U.S., a German magazine reports. The Wirtschaftswoche article claims Trump told French…

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Ex-APC Deputy Spokesman Writes Trump, Accuses Buhari, APC Of Corruption, Abuse Of Human Rights

APC chieftain, Comrade Timi Frank has written an open letter to United States of America president, Donald Trump, a week after he wrote an open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari….

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